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NJ State Standards November 27, 2008

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Lesson plans need many components. One part that I could not stand was the standards section. I did not like them because I was not familiar with them due to not really knowing where to find them. For someone who needs them, the following are links to NJPTLE and NJCCCS. For those who do not know which is which, the NJPTLE is for the Pre-k level standards; whereas, the NJCCCS is for K-12 grade level standards.

Save to your computer or bookmark them somewhere because they will be very useful and you will soon become very familiar with them.


Graduation-What’s Next?

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There are many routes for teachers to take when they finish their undergrad. I have been thinking about what I want to do when the final day comes and I need to take that next step. Do I want to jump right into a job? What about do a service project? Grad school anyone?

So I could go straight in to a teaching job. Very likely the place you student teach is a good place to apply, since they know what you can do. That is, of course, student teaching went well. Take a look online to find out about different locations that are looking to hire. One place I checked out from time to time is this site- teachers.net. It seems promising, but I have not really heavily started a job search since I need to do my student teaching.

Another route I have been considering is the Peace Corps. It is a good way to reach out globally and put your skills to use overseas. A benefit of the Peace Corps, depending upon what you are looking for, includes a possible Masters program, loan deferment, as well as compensation after service is up. It takes a dedicated person to do this because it is a 24 month service. Another program is AmeriCorps, which is designated to the states. The last one is Teach for America in which you teach for a designated amount of time usually in an inner city. At the end of your teaching, many times, the student loans you acquired will be forgiven and you do not have to repay them. All of these options need to be thoroughly researched before committing.

The last option I have minimally considered is Grad school. I would like to look further in to this option, but I have not been able to do so. I need to figure out what I want to go for and what I find interesting. Of course I would also need a way to pay for it.


More Information

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I feel like I am overloading this with links to different sites that I have found over the years. I would apologize, but I feel that it is good for others to have so many different resources in one spot. It is one of the many things I wish I had known about when I first started out in the Education Major. Although it is important to have a lot of different resources, I have also found that having so many makes choosing a path more difficult. You become overloaded with information and do no know where to begin. That is why I think it is important to have the information in one place that you can go back to and sift through as time permits.

So the next bit of information I have to offer is a website Edutopia. This is a site that helps give teachers more ideas about what can work within public education. There are a lot of different ideas about how to involve technology in the classroom.

Take a look around and start building your own ideas for when you finally get your own classroom. Believe me, you want to start early.


TOMS Shoes

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Here is a good service project for individuals, your classroom, or a way to involve the whole school. This is along the same lines of the get one, give one idea with the laptops. TOMS Shoes is dedicated to getting shoes for underprivileged children in different countries. For every pair your buy, a child in different countries receives a pair.

Check it out.


“Who Am We?” November 25, 2008

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“Who Am We?” by Sherry Turkle is a bit more interesting than I originally thought. The title annoyed me, but after reading it, I found that it really makes sense. At least it does to me. Turkle explores the nature of online identities where one person may carry on multiple different types of lifestyles. In many of the platforms, people will choose to be someone they could never be in real life. Is this bad? I’ve come up with this response: No and Yes.

Let’s start with the “No”. A simulation such as the SimsLife is a virtual world that a person will create and maintain. The type of world they virtually exist can be far different from their every day lives. It is a form of escape as much as it is an exploration. People using these platforms can be a people who like to have fun; something completely opposite from the work lifestyle they literally exist.

Of course the ability to explore different areas of one’s personality is important, but what about the effects the exploration has on the real world? Take a person who is very shy and they create a person who is the complete opposite. Someone who is liked by everyone and lives the type of life the real person cannot. Playing these games have more of a psychological impact than one would expect. Those shy people may feel that they come up short in real life and find that they prefer to seclude themselves deeper into shyness. It seems a little quaint, but the games do more than pass time.

Since “am” is designated for one person, but one person is branching off as many people; it seems to work out. That is why I became okay about the title of the article.



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To that end, Facebook has always emphasized two qualities that tend to be undervalued online: authenticity and identity. Users are encouraged to post personal information – colleges attended, workplaces, email addresses. Facebook also emphasizes honesty: Because users typically can view profiles only of people they’re linked to, and they can’t link to them unless both partners confirm the relationship, there’s little point in creating a fake identity.


I thought that this entire article ” How Mark Zuckerberg Turned Facebook into the Web’s Hottest Platform” was interesting because it showed just how big of a phenomenon Facebook has come and how it may possibly define the future of the Internet. The part that I chose to focus on above explains how I got into Facebook. I came to college last year without a Facebook and my new friends were shocked. In all honesty I had never really heard of it and had no idea what it did. After being at school for a month my friends eventually got sick of me not having one and made one for me.


The reason that I was originally opposed to Facebook was because of privacy and having my information spread all throughout the Internet. Also I did not like the idea of meeting people who had created fake identities and them trying to be my friends online when I didn’t even know them. As the passage above states however Facebook has always emphasized authenticity and identity. I was reassured that more people used their real identities on Facebook than on MySpace. I also liked that you could only view my profile if I allow you to. I have my privacy settings up high so that only my friends can see my profile. While I know that these two things are not completely foolproof, I have confidence in the security of Facebook. Now ever since my friends made me my Facebook I have been on it every day since. It has become a great communication device for me to stay in touch with people at school, and friends and family from home. I am very happy that my friends last year made me a Facebook because I have grown to really enjoy using Facebook.


Why Play is Important November 24, 2008

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Young children need to play.  Childrens’ words and actions are often classified as silly. But what many do not understand is that silly is important, because it is linked to play. Play is considered the work of children because it drives their early development. It is a way for children to learn about life and the world around them. It allows them to expand their creativity and teach themselves. Play affects childrens’ social, lingual, mental, and motor development. It is where many key skills are aquired.