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Writing Spaces and Remediation November 12, 2008

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            A writing space describes the medium on which text is written. Three writing spaces I have utilized are pen and paper, typewriter, and computer word processor. The first, pen and paper, was the first method I learned to write in. Characteristics of pen and paper include originality, form, and tool differentiation. The means with which one writes on paper come in many forms, such as: pens, pencils, chalk, crayons, etc. What makes it unique is that everyone who uses pen and paper has their own handwriting. One’s handwriting may be similar to another’s, but no one has exactly the same.  The second, the typewriter, was something I learned to use just for play. Electronic typewrites exhibit different characteristics than the original typewriters. Electronic ones run on electricity and have functions similar to those on a computer keyboard. Original ones were bulky, heavy, and non-electric.  What makes typewriters unique is that they were pioneer inventions in the world of moveable type. Lastly, computer word processing is my most frequently used writing space. Most academic assignments or important documents are typed, and computer word processing is the most modern form of typing. Its characteristics differ from that of the typewriter in that word processing is done on a computer with more functions (i.e. backspace, tab, and shift). These functions allow for more editing and leave room for error to be corrected.


            Remediation occurs when a medium replaces an older one by exhibiting similar characteristics and adjusting to meet the current technology needs. Two of these writing spaces that remediate each other and themselves are the typewriter and computer word processor. The typewriter remediated itself in its upgrade from a moveable type machine to an electronic machine. Computer word processor remediates itself in that it is always being adjusted to perform more functions. It also remediates the typewriter in that it was a technology advancement from a moveable type machine that simply generated typed text to a way of editing and storing text electronically.


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