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November 13, 2008

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The three writing spaces I use most frequently are word processors (Microsoft Word), emails, and text messages. During the academic school year I probably use word processors the most as a writing space. Word processors are computer applications used for the production of a printed material. What makes them unique are their features including composition, editing, formatting, and printing. Word processors allow you to transfer you ideas onto written documents that in turn can be printed out. They allow you to organize your thoughts and to edit them as you type. They are simple and fast to use once you have mastered typing on the keyboard. Word processors are the basis of many other writing spaces.

The second writing space I use the most is email. Emails are a form of communication with others via the Internet. I use emails everyday to communicate with friends, family, and professors. It is a way of writing, sending, receiving and saving messages over electronic communication systems. Emails are unique because the messages can be sent immediately. A person can receive your message as soon as you send it, which provides can easy means of communication. Also they are unique because an email allows you to communicate with anyone all over the nation and the country.

The third writing space I use the most is text messages. I send out numerous text messages a day to my friends and family. Text messaging is another instantaneous form of communication with people anywhere. Text messaging occurs from a cell phone and is transported to other cell phones. What makes text messages unique is once again instant communication with anyone. Also because most people carry around cell phones at all times, you are able to send out messages any time throughout the day.

Of these three writing spaces, text messages remediate emails. This newer technology of text messaging is starting to take the place of an older one. Text messages borrow characteristics and features from emails, but forms a new technology. Text messages and emails are both fast forms of communication, but texting has taken an even faster means of communication than emails. Because more people are carrying around cell phones than computers, communication is made easier and quicker. While people still continue to use both forms of writing, text messages are slowly taking over other means of communication. Text messaging is similar to emails, but is starting to become the more prevalent and preferred way of fast communication with others all around the world.


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