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My Writing Spaces November 13, 2008

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Simply put, writing spaces are the areas a person uses to write. They can come in many different forms. My top three are most likely similar to other people. The first writing space is a writing instrument and something to write on. I could have said pen and paper, but I do not use those explicitly. I will write on paper, post-its, napkins, my hand, etc. I will use whatever will write my information down, such as a pen, marker, pencil, etc. This is specifically interesting because it is very versatile. I can write anywhere I need to be writing. Another writing space of mine is the dry erase board. I have two of them and use them many times a day. I use it for my calendar every month as well as reminders and schedules. It is unique because it does not waste anything. Once the month is over, I do not have to throw away any pages; I just redraw. The last of my writing spaces is text messaging. Text messages are unique in that I do not have to say anything, unless I wanted to talk to myself. I can silently say what I wanted to say. That message can then be sent to someone who is miles away.
The two that I would like to discuss further are text messaging and writing instrument and something to write on. For the purpose of writing, I will refer to the latter as pen and paper. The function is similar because you are using a written word to convey a thought, statement, question, etc. The text message replaces the written note, specifically in schools because it is more functional than writing everything down.


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