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My Writing Spaces November 13, 2008

Filed under: Uncategorized — Robin Martin @ 6:51 pm

The writing spaces I access and use most often are Microsoft Word, text messaging, and pen and paper writing.

Microsoft Word seems to have become a daily part of my life since about my freshman year in  high school. I am constantly writing papers, letters, resumes and what have you. It seems like I used this more than any other writing space because of the continuous work I am doing from all my classes on a daily basis.

Text Messaging is another writing space of which I write quite frequently. I am always writing text messages and even emails from my phone to friends, family, and loved ones. Its a convenient way of communicating with other people.

The other most frequent writing space I use is just a simple pen and paper. I always write things down, whether it’s in an agenda, on post-its (which my desk is covered with because they keep me on track with my assignments.),  or just a notebook or journal. I am always writing things down by hand, especially notes in class because I remember things better when i write them down by hand rather than typing them on the computer.

I am always trying new things in the form of writing spaces, to see if i happen to write or remember them.


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