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Literacy and Technology November 17, 2008

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Nowhere are such struggles and debates rendered in more complex terms-and nowhere are they most influential- than in the field of literacy: composition, language arts, and rhetoric. For teachers, literacy instruction is now inextricably linked with technology. Moreover, since 1993, an official national project to expand technological literacy has been launched in American’s schools, home, and workplaces, changing the ways in which both literacy educators and the publics they serve think about, value, and practice literacy. This national project bears directly on the work we do as literacy specialists. Technology has become part of our responsibility, whether we like it or not. (Literacy and Technology Linked)


A lot of confusion and questions came to my mind after reading this passage, particularly the last line of this passage. I wonder when technology became linked with teaching literacy. I also wonder why we think that technology has to be a part of literacy. I understand that in current times, a student must be familiar with technology to be considered literate, but how did we wind up to this place in history. Also I was confused on how teachers are now responsible for teaching students something else. I think that gradually the pressure is being put more on teachers to teach students things that their parents and family should be a part of. Teachers are now expected to not only teach student’s academic areas, but values and ethics, and now technology? I wonder where it will ever end because more responsibility is falling on the teachers instead of the student’s families. Why shouldn’t parents be responsible for teaching a child how to use the computer? I think that there needs to be a line drawn somewhere where teachers can emphasize what the parents teach at home, they cannot simply teach students everything. The last line also got me thinking because I never realized how much responsibility I will have in this matter, as the passage said whether I like it or not. I am responsible for making students technologically literate. That is a big task to teach students on top of all of the academic areas they must learn. What got me thinking was, how to I do this? And so I propose to my classmates, how do I teach students about technology while still teaching them all the academic areas that need to be covered?


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