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The Worldwide Web November 19, 2008

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A W3 “client” program runs on your computer. When it starts, it displays an object, normally a document with text and possibly images. Some of the phrases and images are highlighted: in blue, or boxed, or perhaps numbered, depending on what sort of a display you have and how your preferences have been set. Clicking the mouse on the highlighted area (“anchor”) causes the client program to retrieve another object from some other computer. A “server.” The retrieved object is normally also in a hypertext format, so the process of navigation continues.

When viewing some documents, the reader can request a search, by typing in plain text (or complex commands) to send to the server, rather than following a link. In either case, the client sends a request off to the server, often a completely different machine in some other part of the world, and within (typically) a second, the related information, in either hypertext, plain text or multimedia format, is presented. This is done repeatedly and by a sequence of selections and searches one can find anything that is “out there”.


I found this section of the article ” The World-Wide Web” to be very interesting. It was interesting for me to see how they talked about the worldwide web when it was such a new phenomenon. To us, the web has always been present in our lives and we do not really think anything of it. Reading this passage of the article I was amused at how they described the web. It was funny to see how they tried to describe it to people who had never used the web. Reading this, I put myself in the place of a person reading this when it was published. Reading the descriptions I think I would be very confused on what this web thing was all about. I think the only way you can understand the worldwide web is to actually experience it yourself. Trying to put it into words in an article really does not do it justice.

We often take for granted what we know about the web, but this article demonstrates that the worldwide web is a rather complicated and fairly new technology. I enjoyed reading how the authors described the web. To most of us it is something that is not complicated but just reading the directions in the above passage, the web is really a complicated phenomenon. The sentence that I thought was most interesting was the last sentence of this passage when the authors states” This is done repeatedly and by a sequence of selections and searches one can find anything that is “out there.” It is truly amazing that we are fortunate to have this worldwide web of information and like the authors said through a series of clicks, selections, and searches we can find anything out there. The worldwide web has been a huge technological advancement that has sprouted numerous new resources and technologies.


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