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Get to know your students November 20, 2008

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As a teacher, you do more than just teach. It is an interaction that should go a little deeper than “hellos” in between classes. When it comes to creating lesson plans, two things come to mind. The first one is covering the required material; simple enough. The other one that I have observed teachers do as well as experienced from a student’s standpoint is developing a lesson based on what interests the students. Presenting new information many times needs to grab students’ attention.

So how do you learn about your students? Ask! Talk! Question! Anything! Not every students will have work published on a website promoting student’s art. What if your student could do something as amazing as this?

Andre Lambert 4x4

Andre Lambert 4'x4'

What if your student(s) liked dancing and choreographs dances to songs for fun?

So what am I getting at? Getting to know your students can help drive your lesson plans and you can create more lessons that the students want to be involved in as well as making it more fun for the teacher because the students will be engaged.

Of course I am not saying that every lesson needs to be a circus act. Many times the information just has to be presented because it is important, but it does not mean that all lessons need to be boring to you or the students. So have fun and get the students involved, not only will it keep them interested, but it will give them a sense of ownership and have them take more responsibility for their work.


One Response to “Get to know your students”

  1. doures57 Says:

    I completely agree with your line of thinking here. I think to really have to students get involved as teachers we must get them involved and make learning fun!

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