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Technological Literacy November 22, 2008

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I agree with Cynthia Selfe that teaching technological literacy is important, I strongly believe it is difficult in today’s society due to the lack of funding and resources.  I recall from my own educational experience that we had at least two computes in preschool that were hardly used, and a computer lab in elementary/middle school in which every grade has at least one class per week. It was considered a special, like gym and art and music, and we played different games for fun or educational purposes. When we got to middle school, we started to learn to use different programs like Excel and Microsoft Word. But not every school in America is as privileged as my school was to have a computer lab for teaching technological literacy. While I agree with Selfe that it important to teach technological literacy, it is not a simple matter for every school to have the means to do so. It is especially difficult to accomplish this in schools in low income neighborhoods that lack funding and resources. Also, it would put an extra burden on regular classroom teachers. They have plenty to teach their students already, and with standardized testing being so important, even less time is left for teaching basic curriculum. Can these schools really afford to higher teachers solely for technological education purposes? While it is an important subject to teach, I do not see how it is feasible in most American schools.


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