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Importance of Music Together November 24, 2008

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Importance of Music Together

The above link is for an article entitled “The Importance of Music in Early Childhood Education,” written by Rowan Professor Dr. Lili M. Levinowitz. In her article, she emphasizes the importance that music development has in early development. Here are some of the important points I got from it:


1) Most school-aged children cannot walk to the beat of music, perform simple motor patterns, or label how their bodies have moved due to lack of musical stimulation in early development.

2) Reception and Expression refer to how every human is wired to receive music and differentiate frequency, melody, and stimuli from birth. Between birth and six years of age, children learn to audiate through recognizing the different aural images of music and creating mental representations, organizing them and “cracking the code” for the music of their culture. If audiation is not developed, no musical growth can take place.

3) Play in early childhood is considered a “magical process” in which environmental objects and experiences allow children to grow and develop. Silly drives play, and play is the work of children.



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