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Facebook November 25, 2008

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To that end, Facebook has always emphasized two qualities that tend to be undervalued online: authenticity and identity. Users are encouraged to post personal information – colleges attended, workplaces, email addresses. Facebook also emphasizes honesty: Because users typically can view profiles only of people they’re linked to, and they can’t link to them unless both partners confirm the relationship, there’s little point in creating a fake identity.


I thought that this entire article ” How Mark Zuckerberg Turned Facebook into the Web’s Hottest Platform” was interesting because it showed just how big of a phenomenon Facebook has come and how it may possibly define the future of the Internet. The part that I chose to focus on above explains how I got into Facebook. I came to college last year without a Facebook and my new friends were shocked. In all honesty I had never really heard of it and had no idea what it did. After being at school for a month my friends eventually got sick of me not having one and made one for me.


The reason that I was originally opposed to Facebook was because of privacy and having my information spread all throughout the Internet. Also I did not like the idea of meeting people who had created fake identities and them trying to be my friends online when I didn’t even know them. As the passage above states however Facebook has always emphasized authenticity and identity. I was reassured that more people used their real identities on Facebook than on MySpace. I also liked that you could only view my profile if I allow you to. I have my privacy settings up high so that only my friends can see my profile. While I know that these two things are not completely foolproof, I have confidence in the security of Facebook. Now ever since my friends made me my Facebook I have been on it every day since. It has become a great communication device for me to stay in touch with people at school, and friends and family from home. I am very happy that my friends last year made me a Facebook because I have grown to really enjoy using Facebook.


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