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Graduation-What’s Next? November 27, 2008

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There are many routes for teachers to take when they finish their undergrad. I have been thinking about what I want to do when the final day comes and I need to take that next step. Do I want to jump right into a job? What about do a service project? Grad school anyone?

So I could go straight in to a teaching job. Very likely the place you student teach is a good place to apply, since they know what you can do. That is, of course, student teaching went well. Take a look online to find out about different locations that are looking to hire. One place I checked out from time to time is this site- teachers.net. It seems promising, but I have not really heavily started a job search since I need to do my student teaching.

Another route I have been considering is the Peace Corps. It is a good way to reach out globally and put your skills to use overseas. A benefit of the Peace Corps, depending upon what you are looking for, includes a possible Masters program, loan deferment, as well as compensation after service is up. It takes a dedicated person to do this because it is a 24 month service. Another program is AmeriCorps, which is designated to the states. The last one is Teach for America in which you teach for a designated amount of time usually in an inner city. At the end of your teaching, many times, the student loans you acquired will be forgiven and you do not have to repay them. All of these options need to be thoroughly researched before committing.

The last option I have minimally considered is Grad school. I would like to look further in to this option, but I have not been able to do so. I need to figure out what I want to go for and what I find interesting. Of course I would also need a way to pay for it.


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