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Youtube vs. Boobtube December 2, 2008

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When I was reading Youtube vs. the Boobtube I was reflecting on when I started to watch videos on Youtube. I can’t remember exactly when it happened, but now watching stupid videos has become a part of my life. I can sit for hours and just watch clip after clip. Once I think I am done watching the clips in the category I searched for, Youtube shows me another related clip and I continue watching. It seems now whenever you are in conversation with a friend and something comes up that you are unfamiliar with they say just look at Youtube. Youtube is becoming like Google because you get the phrase now instead of just google it, just youtube it.


Oddly enough Youtube has helped me keep in contact with my friends from high school. Whenever we find a stupid clip we will send it to one another to watch. Then we talk about whatever happened in the video. Youtube has become a social outlet for me because people talk about Youtube clips. When I was reading the article in the opening page about examples of clips, I realized that I had already seen almost all of those clips and did not need to watch them throughout the article.


It amazes me how much time that people including myself put into watching clips of ordinary people using doing something stupid. However, once you start it gets addicting because you just want to keep watching more and more clips. I wonder if in the future Youtube will be as popular as it is now, or if it is just another fleeting technology. Also if Youtube passes, what will be next in the technological world of the Internet?


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