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An option for teachers with a shrinking budget December 2, 2008

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Teachers, I’m sure, hate the budget cuts. I mean who wouldn’t? It is expected that teachers spend money out of pocket where the budget fails to cover. This one teacher had an idea to alleviate the personal burden-ads on tests!

USA Today reports about a San Diego highschool calculus teacher who decided to sell ads on his many tests. This was a decision made to cut personal spending on copies alone because of the recent budget cut.

This does raise some concerns about advertising in schools, but they are not ads from companies such as McDonald’s; rather, they are many times inspirational messages from parents as well as a dentist.

I personally find this to be a brilliant idea! Although paper-pencil tests are not encouraged or practical for Early Childhood students, I think this is a great idea for teachers in general as an alternative to the overdone cookie/candle fundraiser. Of course guidelines would and should be created and maintained, but I think this is something that many more teachers should consider.

Does this cross the line or is it a creative way to help teachers?


One Response to “An option for teachers with a shrinking budget”

  1. doures57 Says:

    I think that this would be a good idea as well. Boundaries would need to be set, but if people put time and thought into it, it just may work!

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