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youtube vs boobtube December 3, 2008

Filed under: Uncategorized — Robin Martin @ 6:43 pm

Reading this article, Youtube vs. Boob tube, I began thinking of how many times I have been called into a room to watch some ridiculous or completely random video. Over this past summer I even caught episodes of a favorite television show that I had missed, on Youtube. You even hear now of people getting in trouble with the law for something found on Youtube, like the teenagers that taped themselves going through McDonalds drive-thrus, throwing drinks back at the workers. Sometimes it seems like the world revolves around the medium of Youtube. People will videotape anything these days and put it up on the web. They use this as a way to get attention, whether it is positive or negative. Honestly, I think it is a little sad of how much we spend searching for videos on Youtube rather than spending our time productively.


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