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Multicultural Education Resources December 9, 2008

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Multicultural education is essential in today’s learning communities. Students are coming from all types of cultures, whether they are ethnicity, family, socioeconomic status, or their local community. Teachers have to be aware of the cultures represented by their students and learn to incorporate multiculturalism into their curriculum. The following websites are helpful resources for multicultural lesson plans and activities:

1) The Educator’s Reference Desk is a printer-friendly website that provides outlined lesson plans listed by grade level under different subjects. It also has a question archive with a selection of topics teachers may have questions about. There is also a page with resources and other websites for teachers to gain information.


2) Google for Educators provides an index of weekly events that can be used in the classroom. For example, the latest two are Geography Awareness Week and NORAD’s tracking of Santa. It also has links for teaching tools, classroom activities and posters, and a teacher community.


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