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Twelve Rules for Good Cursive Handwriting December 9, 2008

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By: Christopher Jarman M Ed, Dip Ed, Cert Ed.


“These rules apply to all Western handwriting regardless of the so-called copybook style.”


1) Good writing is based on a pattern of ovals and parallel lines.

2) All small letters start at the top.

3) All the downstrokes are parallel.

4) All similar letters are the same height.

5) All downstrokes are equidistant.

6) The space between words is the width of the small letter o.

7) Ascenders and descenders are no more than twice the height of small letters, preferably less.

8) Capital letters are no higher than the ascenders, preferably less.

9) Lines of writing are far enough apart for ascenders and descenders not to touch.

10) Letters which finish at the top join horizontally.

11) Letters which finish at the bottom join diagonally.

12) Letters which finish on a stroke moving left, are best left unjoined.


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