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Video Games December 9, 2008

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While reading the article ” Semiotic domains: Is playing video games a “waste of time” I came across a passage of thoughts that I strongly agreed with. The passage stated, ” The problem of content is, I believe, based on common attitudes about schooling, learning, and knowledge. The idea is this: Important knowledge (now usually gained in school) is content in the sense of information related to intellectual domains or academic disciplines like physics, history, art, or literature. Activities that are entertaining, but that themselves do not involved such learning, are just “meaningless play.” Of course, video games fall into this category.


I agree with this passage because I have never been able to get into playing video games. This may have to do with the fact that growing up my sister and I did not own any video game consoles. The only thing that I owned that resembled video games was a Gameboy. I think that because I wasn’t exposed to video games when I was younger, I just don’t understand them. I honestly just do not understand the fascination with them. I feel like they are a waste of time and energy. While they are fun to play for entertainment once in a while, spending your whole days playing these games seems a little ridiculous to me.


Instead of putting all of your time and knowledge into senseless games why not read a book? I think that our knowledge and brainpower would better be used in academic areas. I feel that important knowledge, which like the author stated, is more important than entertaining activities. The best possible scenario would be able to find a balance in our lives. Let us not wrap and plan our lives around virtual reality games but rather around reality. If everyone can find a balance with video games and their academics, they why not have some fun sometimes? Is there anything here who shares my opinion on video games, or anyone who strongly disagrees with my opinions?


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