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Letter People December 15, 2008

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alphabetWhen I attended Kindergarten in a Catholic grammar school, the letters were taught with the Letter People Program. This was a children’s literacy program and eventually became a television series. Each letter person had a theme and a theme song to correspond with their letter. Vowels were Ms. and Consonants were Mr. It was a fun way to learn to recite and write the alphabet, I still have some of the theme songs stuck in my head!


Letter People: (some names were revised to cut out the junk food references)

Ms. A (A’choo!)

Mr. B (Beautiful Buttons)

Mr. C (Colossal Cap/Cotton Candy)

Mr. D (Dazzling Dance/Delicious Doughnuts)

Ms. E (Exercise Energy)

Ms. F (Funny Feet)

Mr. G (Gooey Gum)

Mr. H (Happy Hair/Horrible Hair)

Ms. I (Impossible Inches/ Itch Itches/ Incredible Inventor)

Mr. J (Jingle Jingle Jacket/Jumbled Junk)

Mr. K (Kaboom Kick/Kind Kicking)

Mr. L (Longest Laugh/Lemon Lollipops)

Mr. M (Munching Mouth)

Mr. N (Noisy Nose)

Ms. O (Opposite/ Obstinate/ Optimistic Optimist)

Mr. P (Pointy Patches)

Mr. Q (Questions/Quiet)

Mr. R (Rainbow Ribbons/Ripping Rubberbands)

Mr. S (Super Socks)

Mr. T (Tall Teeth)

Ms. U (Unusual Umbrella/ Upsy-Daisy Umbrella)

Mr. V (Vegetable Vest/Violet Velvet Vest)

Mr. W (Wonderful Words/Wonderful Wink)

Mr. X (Different/All Wrong (Mixed-Up)

Mr. Y (Yodeling Yawn/Yawning)

Mr. Z (Zipping Zippers)


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