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NAEYC- The National Association for the Education of Young Children December 15, 2008

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The National Association for the Education of Young Children is an organization that works towards fulfilling the needs of all young children through improving professional working conditions, supporting early childhood education programs, and creating organizations who also share the same goals. Members are individuals who want to work towards achieving rights and needs for all young children. Current programs include:


-publishing educational resources (books, videos, posters) and journals with current research

-the charity “Supporting Teachers, Strengthening Families” which helps prevent child abuse/neglect

-The School Readiness Connections project

-set and promote standards for Early Childhood Education and Early Childhood Professional preparation

-gain public support for programs that support the families young children


I feel that this organization is a great resource for information on what is being done to support Early Childhood Education. NAEYC works towards gaining support and providing knowledge about current Early Childhood Education standards and how they are being made better. Anyone can be a member of this organization so long as they share the same passion for promoting education for young children and are in some way involved with Early Childhood Education.


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